Boarding Scholarships for Isolated Students (BSIS) provides financial support for eligible students boarding away from home or residential fees to access education.

Scholarships are available to students in Years 7 to 12 who need to board:

  • to attend NSW government specialist high schools including agricultural boarding schools
  • at a school term hostel in order to access a NSW government secondary school.

Note: Application closing dates change each year. You can check the application due date on the form.


The student must:

  • live in rural NSW at an address that meets criteria for geographical isolation measured using the Accessibility Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA)
  • be enrolled in a NSW government school Years 7 to 12
  • have a primary carer that is a permanent resident of NSW
  • meet family income threshold criteria stated on the form.

The student must also either:

  • need to board at a school term hostel to access a NSW government secondary school
  • have been accepted or be eligible for enrolment to attend and board at a: 
    • NSW government agricultural high school
    • specialist NSW government secondary school that conducts selection procedures.

Students cannot apply if they receive:

  • Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC)
  • Youth Allowance from Centrelink.

What you need

  • student's enrolment details
  • family income and dependents information
  • copies of tax assessment documents and/or Centrelink statements for the Adjusted family income calculation
  • Accessibility Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) information
  • signature of the principal of the school the student will be attending
  • bank account details for payment
  • other supporting documents for special circumstances (where applicable).

How to apply

  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Download, print and complete the Boarding Scholarships for Isolated Students (BSIS) application form – PDF.
  3. Submit your application and supporting documents by post or email, to the details on the form.

More information

  • A limited number of scholarships are available each year. The process is competitive, and scholarships are given based on the greatest need.
  • If family circumstances change from those given in the application, you will need to notify the Rural and Distance Education office within 14 days. 
Last updated: 23 April 2024

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