If you have motor vehicles registered in NSW under the one name, address and customer number, you can apply for a Common Expiry Date (CED), where all the vehicles in the fleet will have registrations due for renewal on the same day each year. 

To be eligible for a CED fleet you must have:
•    10 or more light vehicles
•    2 or more heavy vehicles.

Conditional and seasonal registrations can't be part of a CED fleet. 

If you have more than one customer number, you may request that all your vehicles come under one number.

Please contact the CED team on (02) 8837 0481 or Ced.Fleet@transport.nsw.gov.au to find out more or to help you with the bulk fleet registration.

Note: You'll need to visit a Service NSW Centre to renew the registration of CED fleet vehicles.

Last updated: 15 March 2024

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