An individual contractor licence allows you to work in a particular class based on your qualifications.

If you gain further qualifications that allow you to work in additional classes, you can add or change a class on your individual contractor licence. You can do this at a service centre.

What you need

  • the PDF forms:
    • 'Application Form - Individual'
    • 'Checklist for Individuals' (if applicable)
    • 'Additional Details Form/s' (if applicable)
  • proof of identity 
  • one passport size photograph
  • documentation that validates the change of class
  • your referee's statement (if applicable)
  • certificate of eligibility to obtain insurance (if applicable)
  • your payment.

How to change

  1. Download and complete:
  2. Gather the required supporting documentation.
  3. Visit a service centre and provide the information together with your payment.

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

Medical gas regulations

New medical gas regulations are in place from 1 November 2020 with a 6-month transition period. 

From 1 May 2021, if you install and maintain medical gas in medical facilities you must:

  • hold a medical gas qualification
  • have 2 years relevant industry experience
  • have a medical gas work class on your licence or certificate.
Last updated: 4 January 2024

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