The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a national online register managed by the federal government. 

Individuals and organisations can use the PPSR to register and search for debts and other security interests in personal property such as cars, boats and artworks. (The PPSR does not include land, buildings, or fixtures to land.)

A PPSR search can help to ensure that you do not buy or lease property or goods that:

  • are stolen
  • have not been paid off
  • have been written off
  • have been used to secure a loan or debt.

To avoid buying or leasing property or goods that are unable to be insured or may be repossessed, it’s a good idea to search the PPSR before you:

  • buy or lease a used or second-hand vehicle, including:
    • cars, motorcycles, trucks or buses
    • trailers or caravans
    • boats or watercraft
  • buy or lease certain types of valuable goods or personal property, including:
    • goods and stock for your business
    • artwork
    • livestock and crops
    • plant and equipment.

You can also use the PPSR to register your rights over personal property or goods related to a debt, security interest or other obligation an individual or business owes you.

Note: For PPSR registrations that ended before 30 January 2012, visit Migrated security interests and migrated data.

Last updated: 19 December 2023