The NSW Government’s free Park'nPay app lets you pay for parking, and top up your payment, using your mobile phone or another smart device.

When you use Park’nPay, a parking inspector can check if a meter has been paid by searching your number plate details using an app on their phone.

Park’nPay can also help you find:

  • available spaces at commuter car parks around public transport hubs
  • accessible parking spots (for motorists with mobility parking permits)
  • the locations of electric vehicle charging stations
  • private driveways to rent. 

The app will notify you when your parking is due to expire or about to switch over to a ‘No stopping’ zone, so you can avoid getting a fine.

How to download

Park’nPay is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Once you’ve downloaded Park’nPay from the App Store or Google Play, create an account with your number plate and payment details (credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay). 

You can add multiple vehicles to the same account.

More information

  • Park’nPay is optional to use. You can keep using physical parking meters if you prefer. Meters will still accept coins and credit cards.
  • Park'nPay is available in more than 40 suburbs, with additional locations to come.
  • Visitors to some national parks can pay their vehicle entry fee via Park’nPay. More national parks will be added to the app.
Last updated: 22 November 2022