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If you transport livestock by road in NSW and want to operate an eligible vehicle at the higher mass limits permitted under the NSW Livestock Loading Scheme (NSWLLS), you’ll need to complete the driver training course.

After completing the course, always carry the NSWLLS Driver Card in your vehicle.


Drivers must:

What you need

  • your heavy vehicle driver licence as proof of identity and proof of qualification
  • the PDF form – Driver Training Course Application Form
  • attendance at the driver training course.

How to enrol

  1. Download and complete Driver Training Course Application Form NSW Livestock Loading Scheme – PDF.
  2. Select the 'Enrol with a trainer' button.
  3. Choose and contact an approved trainer.

More information

  • You’ll need to hand the completed Driver Training Course Application Form to your trainer on the day.
  • After completing the driver training course your trainer will forward your application form to Transport for NSW.
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