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If you’re looking for vacation care, we can help you find a provider near your home, workplace or other location. 

Our vacation care finder's search results display a provider’s:

  • opening hours 
  • address and contact details
  • number of approved places 
  • National Quality Standard rating
  • distance to the selected address. 

Search results also include a map so you can see providers who are close by.

What you need

An address, such as your home, workplace or other location.

How to find a provider

  1. Select the ‘Find a provider’ button.
  2. Enter your home, workplace or other address in the search box.
  3. Select the address from the search options.
  4. Select the search icon to display your results.

More information

  • The NSW Department of Education offers guidance on what to look for when choosing a quality service.
  • The NSW Department of Education regulates vacation care providers.
  • Vacation care providers also receive a quality rating following assessment by the Department against the National Quality Standard.