If you live or regularly work in a flood impacted area, it is recommended by NSW Health that you get vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis virus.

In NSW, wet conditions and stagnant water after floods creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and can contribute to an increase in Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) cases.


You may be eligible for a free vaccination if you

  • are aged 2 months and older
  • live or routinely work in certain local government areas, and you
    • regularly spend time outdoors 
    • are experiencing homelessness
    • are living in conditions with limited mosquito protection (for example tents, caravans, dwellings with no insect screens), or
    • are engaging in outdoor flood recovery (clean-up) efforts, including repeated professional or volunteer deployments.

Visit NSW Health to check your eligibility.

How to access

Speak to your General Practitioner (GP), pharmacist or Aboriginal Medical Service about getting a vaccination.

Note: Some providers may charge an administration or consultation fee. Be sure to check if this applies to you.

More information

NSW Health has resources and information to help you manage mosquitoes at home or at your business.

Last updated: 20 March 2024

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