All employers in NSW who have an apprentice, or who expect to pay annual wages to workers of over $7500, must have a workers insurance policy. Insurance and Care NSW (icare) provides a quote tool to help you estimate your workers compensation premium.


The estimator is not intended to provide estimates of premium calculations for employers who:

  • employ contractors
  • belong to a group for workers insurance purposes
  • have estimated annual wages of $7500 or less 
  • work with asbestos
  • are involved in coal mining. 

What you need

  • your business activity or your Workers Compensation Industry Classification (WIC)
  • your total number of employees and annual wages. 

If applicable, information on your:

  • apprentices (total number and wages)
  • contractors (total number, contract type and value, labour costs)
  • workers exposed to asbestos (total number and wages, description of work). 

How to get a quote

  1. Select the 'Get a quote' button.
  2. Select the 'Add business activity' button.
  3. Enter your business activity or WIC code. 
  4. Enter your total number of employees and annual wages.  
  5. Provide information on apprentices, contractors and workers exposed to asbestos (if applicable). 
  6. Select the 'Get quick quote' button. 
  7. Review your summary.
  8. Select the 'Take out a policy' button, if you wish to proceed with the quote. 

More information

  • Details provided on contractors and/or workers exposed to asbestos will be included in your premium when you take out a policy.
  • The estimator provides indicative figures only.
  • The total premium paid depends on a number of factors including:
    • your industry
    • the amount of wages paid to your workers
    • the costs of any claims made by your workers (experience-rated employers only)
    • any incentives, discounts or premium adjustments
    • the dust diseases levy.
Last updated: 15 November 2023