Live Traffic NSW provides real-time information about roads and changed traffic conditions that affect your journey on roads throughout NSW.

You can find out about changes, road conditions and road closures resulting from:

  • scheduled roadwork
  • major events
  • weather events such as storms and floods
  • natural disasters such as bushfires
  • other unplanned disruptions.

The service is managed by Transport for NSW’s Transport Management Centre.

How to check

Travel within NSW

  • To check for roadworks, water levels and hazards, enter your origin and destination points when you plan a trip within NSW
  • You can view a list of current incidents by region or check hazards closed in the past 24 hours when you check traffic incidents
  • Search the traffic cameras list or find locations by region: find traffic cameras

Interstate traffic conditions

To view conditions near state borders, go to Live Traffic NSW and use the 'Interstate information' filter.

You can also check other state and territory websites:

Give your feedback

If you want to report a traffic or road hazard, visit Report a traffic accident, breakdown or other incident.

To access support, suggest improvements, or ask a question, use the Live Traffic NSW feedback form.

Emergency help

Hazards Near Me app

Fires Near Me

Last updated: 5 April 2024