If you’ve received a Notice of Valuation from the Valuer General and you disagree with the land value or the property description, you can lodge an objection online to have the assessment reviewed.

You must lodge the objection within 60 days (the closing date is printed on the front of your Notice of Valuation).


  • The landholder or someone authorised by the landholder.
  • Objections made by a group petition are not accepted.

    What you need

    • the PDF booklet – ‘Your Review Guide’
    • an activation key
    • your property number (available on your Notice of Valuation)
    • detailed reasons and supporting documentation for your objection (as recommended in 'Your Review Guide'). 

    How to lodge

    1. Download and read Your Review Guide – PDF.
    2. Register for your activation key which will be emailed to you.
    3. Enter your activation key and property number, and select the valuing year from the drop-down list.
    4. Select 'Continue'.
    5. Complete the online form.
    6. Upload your supporting documents.
    7. Confirm your lodgement.

    If you don’t wish to lodge your objection online, you can request a review kit online or by calling 1800 110 038. The review kit will include an objection form specific to your property.

    More information

    • Land value is the value of your land only. It doesn't include the value of your home or other structures and improvements.
    • Property information refers to the address, description, zoning, area, and dimensions of the land.
    • Your Notice of Valuation is issued every three years.
    • If you lodge an objection after the 60 day period, you'll need to inform the Valuer General as to why your objection is late. 
    • If you're lodging an objection to more than one valuation, you'll need to lodge a separate objection for each land value or property.
    • If your land or property is jointly owned or leased you'll need to let the other landholders know you're lodging an objection. 
    Last updated: 28 November 2023