If you have loose-fill asbestos insulation in your home, you may be eligible for the NSW government's Loose-fill Asbestos Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program, and the associated Assistance Package. 

Owners of premises can have their property privately tested by a Licensed Asbestos Assessor. In the meantime, avoid entering the ceiling space or drilling into walls.

If the testing shows that the home contains loose-fill asbestos insulation, you may be given the option to have the NSW government purchase the premises and land, or the premises only.

You may be eligible to receive further assistance, including:

  • financial relocation assistance
  • assistance in replacing clothing and soft furnishings
  • independent legal advice
  • stamp duty concessions
  • assistance from utility providers and financial institutions
  • counselling services.

Visit the NSW Fair Trading website to learn more about loose-fill asbestos insulation and the Program. 

Last updated: 1 July 2022