If you'd like to use Sydney toll roads for up to 30 days, you can order a casual eMU Pass online. This pass isn't physically attached to the vehicle. It's linked to the licence plate number, so you can use it for your own car/motorbike or a rental vehicle.

When passing through a toll, your number plate is photographed and your account charged.


  • The casual eMU Pass allows you to travel on Sydney toll roads for up to 30 days. You can backdate your travel start date to cover your previous 3 days of travel on toll roads.

What you need

  • your personal and contact details
  • a current credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit card (must be valid for a minimum of 3 months)
  • your travel start and end dates
  • the vehicle's number plate.

How to order

  1. Select the 'Order online' button.
  2. Enter your personal details.
  3. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Enter:
    • the length of time you'd like the pass for
    • the number plate (without spaces or special characters)
    • vehicle details
    • your personal details
    • your payment details.
  5. Choose how you'd like the receipt delivered.
  6. Select 'Submit'.

If you don't wish to order your pass online, you can call us on 13 77 88, or visit a service centre.

More information

  • Payments for tolls may not be charged to the credit card the same day as travel.
  • Your credit card or Visa/MasterCard debit card must be valid for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Call 13 18 65 if you'd like to:
    • extend the duration of your eMU Pass (providing it's still active and the total duration won't exceed 30 days)
    • update any details registered on the Pass
    • cancel the Pass.

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

Last updated: 18 January 2024