If you're a DCJ Housing tenant and need to make a rent payment, you can do so online via credit card or direct debit.


  • DCJ Housing tenants.

To make sure that you have all the information and documentation you need to complete this transaction, please visit DCJ Housing.

What you need

  • your Rent Payment Reference number
  • the amount you need to pay
  • your credit card details, or
  • your bank details (if using the direct debit payment option).

How to pay

  1. Select the 'Pay online' button.
  2. Select 'Internet'.
  3. Select 'Pay rent and other tenancy charges'.
  4. Enter your Rent Payment Reference number.
  5. Enter the amount you need to pay in the Rent box.
  6. Select your method of payment, either:
  • Credit Card
  1. Enter your card details.
  2. Select 'Next' to proceed.
  3. Confirm payment.


  • Direct Debit
  1. Read and accept the Direct Debit Request Agreement.
  2. Enter your bank account details.
  3. Select 'Next' to proceed.
  4. Confirm payment.

More information

  • If you receive an income from Centrelink, and you'd like to have your rent payment automatically deducted from your pension/allowance, visit your local DCJ Housing office and complete an Authority for Rent Deduction form.

Payment methods

Internet (Direct debit from savings or cheque accounts, or payment via credit card)

  • Your payments are made via a secure online page.
  • If paying by direct debit:
    • you'll first need to read and accept the Direct Debit Request Agreement
    • some financial institutions may charge a fee for the service
    • it's your responsibility to have enough funds available in your account to allow DCJ Housing to debit the authorised amount, and to cover any service fee that may apply.
  • DCJ Housing may not agree to your paying by direct debit if you have a poor payment history using that option.
  • You can change your payment method at any time, provided you ensure that you'll pay your tenancy charges on time.
Last updated: 25 February 2020