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If you're the director or public officer of a body corporate currently holding design practitioner or building practitioner registration(s), you'll receive a renewal notice when the registration is nearing its expiry date. You are then able to renew your registration online.

Note: You'll need to update your details with NSW Fair Trading prior to renewing the registration If the body corporate has had a change of:

  • name, or 
  • ABN

If you need to update your ACN you're required to lodge a new application.


To be eligible to renew, you need to:

What you need

  • your registration number
  • your renewal number (as shown on your renewal notice)
  • the body corporate’s details
  • your contact details
  • a current credit card for payment.

How to renew

  1. Gather the required documents..
  2. Select the ‘Renew online’ button.
  3. Log in to your MyServiceNSW Account.
  4. Follow the prompts to renew your registration.


To renew a Design and Building Practitioner registration with NSW Fair Trading, you’ll need to create or log in with a MyServiceNSW Account.

By logging in you consent to sharing your name and email address in your MyServiceNSW Account with NSW Fair Trading, a division of the Department of Customer Service.

The Professional engineer and design and building practitioners – Privacy Statements explains how your personal information will be handled once it is shared by Service NSW.

More information

  • If you don't renew on time you'll have to make an application to restore your registration.
  • If your registration has expired more than 3 months, you'll need to apply for a new registration to be issued.
  • You cannot work if your registration is expired.
Last updated: 3 March 2023
Your MyServiceNSW Account name and email will be shared with Fair Trading.