A Transport Management Plan (TMP) is a comprehensive document that describes how an oversize and/or overmass (OSOM) movement will be undertaken on NSW roads. The purpose of the plan is to ensure that these movements will be carried out in a safe and responsible manner, and with minimum impact on other road users and road infrastructure.

A TMP is required for all OSOM movements that:

  • are classified as 'High Risk' due to their dimensions and/or weights
  • travel on a 'High Risk' route
  • involve the transport of a 'Critical/Sensitive' load.

What you need

  • your vehicle and load details
  • route survey details of the proposed route(s)
  • details of traffic management arrangements
  • details of stakeholder and community consultations
  • a Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) approval to travel over a railway crossing (if applicable).

The Transport Management Plan Fact Sheet – PDF will help you with the above criteria, and there is a sample TMP for further guidance.

How to submit

  1. Draw up your Transport Management Plan.
  2. Download and complete the TMP Coversheet – PDF.
  3. Submit your completed Coversheet with all the required documentation via email, fax, or mail to the details on the Coversheet.

More information

Submitting a TMP for assessment and review does not guarantee that a permit for your OSOM movement will be issued.

Last updated: 6 November 2023