The specialised substitute residential care (SSRC) register records information about children and young people accessing overnight care services, and the agencies that provide or supervise that care.

About specialised substitute residential care (SSRC)

SSRC, which has replaced the voluntary out-of-home care (VOOHC) system, includes:

  • stays of 3 or more nights within a 7-day period in a group home, respite, hotel or Airbnb environment (days do not need to be consecutive)
  • stays of 3 or more nights with another family in a ‘host family’ arrangement
  • short-term accommodation through the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • longer-term residential care
  • camps or residential programs of 3 or more nights that focus on respite or behaviour support.

How to access the SSRC register

To use the online register, providers must first complete a Child Safe self-assessment.

For access to the SSRC register, send an email to

Updating the SSRC register

    The SSRC register must be updated by the care provider and holds information such as:

    • personal details of the child 
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status
    • disability
    • name of the provider
    • length of time spent in care
    • dates of any case plan or reviews.

    Log in to the SSRC register to:

    SSRC is monitored by the Office of the Children’s Guardian under the Child Safe Scheme.

    Access to information

    Children and young people have a right to access and correct any information held about them by a provider or on the SSRC register.

    Last updated: 9 March 2023