If you’re building or renovating a home and the work is valued at $20,000 or more (including GST), your builder or contractor must have home building compensation (HBC) cover before taking any money (including a deposit) or starting the work.

HBC cover protects you as a last resort if your builder cannot complete the work or honour statutory warranties due to insolvency, death, disappearance, or licence suspension for failing to compensate a home owner.

With the HBC Check, you can confirm if your property has valid HBC cover. You can search by: 

  • insurance certificate number
  • principal contractor’s name or licence number 
  • name of the company or partnership 
  • property address of the insured work. 

The register provides the:

  • insurance certificate's issue date
  • insured work's property address
  • principal contractor's name and licence number
  • insurance claims that have been paid on an insurance certificate.

For more information on the HBC Check, visit the State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Last updated: 23 May 2024

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