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Flood disaster recovery small business grant

Small businesses and not-for-profit organisations directly impacted by the NSW storms and floods from 19 February 2021 onwards or from 10 March 2021 onwards may be eligible for a flood disaster recovery grant of up to $50,000.

The small business or not-for-profit organisation must be in a defined disaster area to be eligible.

The grant is to help pay for the costs of clean-up and reinstatement of a small business or not-for-profit organisation’s operations.

For eligibility criteria and to apply, visit Apply for the flood disaster recovery small business grant.

A Business Concierge can help you if your business has been impacted by the recent NSW storms and floods and can notify you when the grant opens.  Call 13 77 88 or register for a call back.

Disaster recovery grant for primary producers

A disaster recovery grant of up to $75,000 is available to eligible primary producers in local government areas affected by the NSW storms and floods that occurred from 19 February 2021 and from 10 March 2021. For more information and to apply, visit the NSW Rural Assistance Authority.

Disaster relief loans

A range of assistance is available to businesses. Visit the NSW Rural Assistance Authority or call 1800 678 593 for:

  • Primary producers – may be eligible for urgent loans at a concessional interest rate and transport subsidies for the carriage of livestock, fodder and supplements for dairy cattle.
  • Small businesses – urgent loans are available at a concessional interest rate to eligible small businesses.
  • Not-for-profit organisations – loan assistance is available to churches and voluntary not-for-profit organisations for the restoration of essential facilities.
  • Sporting clubs – a grant or a concessional fixed rate loan is available for sporting and recreation clubs and associations for clean-up, removal of debris and/or restoring essential facilities.

Recovery loan

The Australian Government’s SME Recovery Loan Scheme will be available to flood-affected businesses from April 1.

The SME Recovery Loan Scheme was designed to help businesses that were on JobKeeper during the March quarter and has been extended to flood-affected businesses.

For further information, view the media release.

Grant to assist Indigenous corporations

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) has established a flood emergency response grant of up to $20,000 to support Indigenous corporations whose property has been directly affected by the March 2021 floods.

For more information, visit the ILSC website.