Your security is our priority. We use the latest technology to better protect your MyServiceNSW Account and identity information from cyber criminals.

What's a leaked password

A leaked password refers to a password that is no longer secure and secret, as it was leaked by another website and published on the 'dark web'.

How we find leaked passwords

Each time you log in to your account, we check the dark web for leaked email address and password combinations.

Your information is protected and not disclosed to anyone during this security check.

Change your password if prompted

If your email address and password combination is found on the dark web, we’ll prompt you in your account to change your password.

A prompt will appear in your MyServiceNSW Account to change your password.

We will also send you an email. Emails from Service NSW will never link directly to a login page. You cannot opt out of this service.

Turn on multi-factor authentication

Add extra security to your account by turning on multi-factor authentication.

Service NSW has not leaked passwords

Service NSW is not responsible for leaking email address and password combinations to the dark web. They were leaked by other websites and published on the dark web.

We have measures in place to ensure our systems and customer information are secure. If a data breach or cyber attack were to occur, we would work closely with Cyber Security NSW, ID Support NSW and other partners to directly notify and support any customers affected.

Source or cause of leaked passwords

We cannot identify how email address and password combinations were leaked.

Causes may include a data breach by another company. Details of publicly known breaches may also be available at Have I Been Pwned. Enter your email address or phone number to find out if you have been implicated in a known breach.

Other causes may include using a computer or phone secretly infected with a virus or malware (malicious software), or logging into a website that looks genuine but is fraudulent. For more information, go to How to stay cyber safe.

Keep your password secure

We cannot guarantee all leaked email and password combinations will be found. We encourage you to change your password regularly as a precaution.

Other accounts like banking, email, utilities and social media

If you use the same email address and password combination for other accounts, change your password to keep these accounts secure. Avoid using the same password on multiple online accounts.


If you have any questions or need help with your MyServiceNSW Account, contact us.

If you need help keeping your identity and personal information safe, go to ID Support NSW or call 1800 001 040.

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Last updated: 3 April 2024