If you wish to make alterations or extensions to a private health facility, you'll need to apply and get approval for your plans before any building work starts. If the alterations or extensions require an amendment to the conditions of the licence, and/or a change of classes or of accommodation available, you'll also need to complete and attach an 'Application for Amendment of a Licence for a Private Health Facility' form. Only one application fee will apply.

What you need

How to apply

  1. Complete and sign the Application for Alterations or Extensions to a Licensed Private Health Facility – PDF
  2. Gather all the required documentation, including the completed Application for Amendment of a Licence for a Private Health Facility – PDF (if applicable).
  3. Make your payment online at the NSW Ministry of Health payment portal.
  4. Email the completed application form, the required documents and a copy of the payment receipt to the email address on the form. 

More information

  • Submissions and architectural plans will be assessed against the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (HFG)
  • Before the licence is issued, a commissioning inspection will be carried out to ensure that the alterations or extensions have been built in accordance with the approved plans, and comply with the conditions of the approved changes and all relevant legislation.
  • At the onsite commissioning inspection, all building, fire and other relevant certification will be required.
  • The approval process will take approximately 4 months from the date the NSW Ministry of Health receives the completed application. This doesn't include the time taken to build any extensions.
  • Time frames – PDF
  • Circumstances that 'stop the clock' – PDF
Last updated: 10 August 2023