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If you want tinstall a business sign or an awning over a public road, including the footpath, you'll need approval from your local council. You may also need a complying development certificate (CDC) if the sign or awning doesn't meet the prescribed development standards of the State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP).

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  • your council's approval
  • a complying development certificate (if applicable).
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  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Select 'Find my council'.
  3. Different councils have different procedures, so follow the guidelines set out by your particular council.
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Any person wishing to:

  • install a sign/awning that will overhang any part of a road or footpath
  • alter an existing street awning
  • install a projecting wall sign
  • install a freestanding pylon or directory board sign.
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  • CDCs can be issued by either the council or a private accredited certifier.
  • Maintenance of awnings and business signs are the responsibility of the business owner and may be subject to building inspection.
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