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COVID-19 information

Due to the restrictions on movement and social distancing resulting from the COVID-19 health orders, Regulations have been developed under the Firearms Act and the Weapons Prohibition Act:

The provisions in the Regulations are to assist the NSW firearms and weapons community manage their responsibilities while the health orders are in place.

The Firearms Registry continues to operate as business as usual, and does not want any licence holder to be affected adversely because of circumstances outside of their control.

Visit the Registry's COVID-19 Response page for detailed information on, but not limited to:

  • the compliance period for club participation shoots
  • licence obligations such as:
    • mandatory training or accreditation requirements
    • having your photo taken at a service centre.


To acquire a firearm you must be the holder of a current NSW firearms licence or permit. You're then able to apply for a permit to acquire a firearm (PTA).

The category of licence or permit you hold will indicate what category of firearm you're eligible to possess. For example, if you hold a category B licence or permit, you're only authorised to acquire a category B firearm.

As part of the online application you'll be asked to select a 'good reason' for acquiring a firearm. This is a legislative requirement and helps police assess your application.

You need to complete a separate online application for each firearm you wish to acquire.
A fee is attached to each application, however certain exemptions do apply.

Paintball markers are no longer regulated by the NSW Police Force. For more information visit Fair Trading.

Note: You have a legal obligation as a licence or permit holder to notify the Firearms Registry of any changes to your personal details.


  • You must hold a current NSW firearms licence or permit, and may only apply for the type of firearm that your category of licence authorises you to possess.

Probationary pistol licence (PPL) holders can only apply for a PTA in the second 6 months of their pistol licence. You can check the issue date of your PPL on the Firearms Registry Public Register.


If your pensioner status has changed and you'd like approval for a fee exemption, you must email with a copy of your valid pension card before you commence your application for a PTA.

  • The Firearms Registry may seek further information from you if there are concerns about your fitness to hold a firearms licence. This could include a medical assessment from your treating medical professional, if applicable.

When you receive a confirmation email that your status has been updated, allow 24 hours before starting your online PTA application.

If your pension card has expired since lodging a prior application, you are able to upload a copy of your current concession card during the PTA application process.

What you need

  • a MyServiceNSW Account linked to the NSW Police Force
  • your current firearm licence or permit number
  • details of the address where you'll safely store your firearm
  • a current credit card (Visa or Mastercard) for your payment (if applicable).

If you're applying to acquire a handgun for sports target shooting purposes, you'll also need:

Note: All documentation (certificates, documents, letters, licences, concession cards) must be in a digital format for uploading. Accepted file types are BMP, DOC, DOCX, JPG, PDF, PNG, TIF, XLS, XLSX with a 5MB size limit.

How to apply

  1. Gather your digital/scanned documentation if required, and have it ready for uploading. You cannot save and resume your application once you have started.
  2. Check you understand the eligibility requirements.
  3. Select the ‘Apply online’ button.
  4. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account.
  5. Link to the NSW Police Force.
  6. Complete the online application form.
  7. If you're applying for a handgun for target shooting purposes, upload:
  8. Enter your payment details (if requested).
  9. Read and confirm the declaration.
  10. Submit your application.

More information

  • You are able to check your application's progress via the Firearms Registry's Public Register.
  • If this is your first PTA application, or you don't currently have a firearm in the category you're applying for, you will be subject to a legislated mandatory 28-day waiting period.
    • Note that Category A or Category B firearm are taken to be the same licence category.
  • A PTA is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. If it expires before you acquire your firearm, you’ll need to re-apply and pay the application fee again.
  • You must present your PTA to the firearms dealer when acquiring your firearm. The dealer will complete the relevant details on the PTA and forward it to the Firearms Registry, who will then issue you with your registration certificate.
  • In the second 6 months of their licence, PPL holders can apply to acquire 2 handguns, but are not permitted to possess a centrefire pistol and a rimfire pistol at the same time.
  • If your application is approved, you'll receive your PTA in the mail.
  • You must comply with the safekeeping and storage requirement. Please refer to the following Safe Storage FACT sheets for more information:
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