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If you want to operate a rally vehicle, you'll need to apply for a conditional registration under the rally vehicle scheme (RVS).


As the registered operator of a rally vehicle, you must:

The vehicle must have passed an inspection as an eligible rally vehicle within the last 42 days.

What you need

  • the vehicle details
  • licensed certifier report (if required in the technical manual)
  • vehicle import approval (if applicable)
  • your details as the registered operator of the rally vehicle
  • your proof of identity, such as a NSW driver licence
  • proof of registration entitlement, such as an original receipt for the vehicle
  • the Application for Conditional Registration form
  • the Rally Vehicle Declaration form.

How to apply

  1. Download, complete, print and sign the Application for Conditional Registration – PDF
  2. Download, complete and print the Rally Vehicle Declaration – PDF and have it signed by the responsible person of an approved organisation, either AMSAG Incorporated or Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd
  3. Gather all the required documentation and submit your application in person at a service centre.

More information

  • Rally vehicles under the RVS may only operate on roads and road related areas:
    • during competition and liaison/transport stages of a sanctioned rally event
    • during testing of competition stages by approved organisation officials for a sanctioned rally event
    • during official training sessions for a sanctioned rally event
    • during a sanctioned public display and/or promotional activity
    • for course checking/establishment/survey of rally route during preparation of a rally event (except if the rally vehicle’s electronic stability control has been disabled or removed)
    • for servicing and maintenance of the rally vehicle and associated testing under normal road rules and speed limits, and 
    • when driving to and from a sanctioned rally event and accommodation/place of residence.
  • Conditional registration isn't transferrable. The vehicle's new owner/operator has to apply for a new conditional registration. If a rally vehicle is sold or disposed of, you have to surrender the conditional registration.
  • You'll be able to pick up your rally vehicle number plates when they arrive at your designated service centre. If you need them sooner, visit Richmond service centre
Last updated: 6 November 2019