If you wish to take over the running of a private health facility, and you have the consent of the present licence holder, you'll need to apply for a transfer of the licence. You'll also need to show the Secretary of NSW Health that you're a fit and proper licensee, and be subject to checks, such as fitness and probity checks.

Your application to transfer the licence will be approved once there's confirmation of the settlement of transfer and any conditions imposed are met. The approval process takes about 3 months.


An individual or corporation that demonstrates to the Secretary of NSW Health that they're fit and proper to be a licensee.

What you need

  • an Application for Transfer of a Licence for a Private Health Facility – PDF form
  • details of the applicant and contact person
  • facility's name and address
  • full company extract from ASIC (if applicable)
  • copy of the certificate of incorporation (if applicable)
  • copy of the Act incorporating the church or organisation (if applicable)
  • Statutory Declaration/s – PDF 
  • Fitness and Probity Check Form/s – PDF
  • National Police Check
  • ASIC certificate of registered business name
  • copy of the lease (if applicable)
  • evidence of ownership (if applicable)
  • copy of the current development application or approval, or certification from an authorised certifier, for the use of the premises as a Building Code of Australia (BCA) Class 9(a) health care building
  • development application or certification for use of the premises as a BCA Class 5 building (if applicable).

How to apply

  1. Complete and sign the Application for Transfer of a Licence for a Private Health Facility – PDF
  2. Gather all the required documentation.
  3. Make your payment online at the NSW Ministry of Health payment portal.
  4. Email with the completed application form, the required documents and a copy of the payment receipt. 

More information

  • The approval process will take about 3 months from the date the NSW Ministry of Health receives the completed application.
  • Time frames – PDF
  • Circumstances that 'stop the clock' – PDF
  • Once the fitness and probity checks have been completed the licence will be issued subject to confirmation of settlement of the transfer and any conditions imposed.
Last updated: 10 August 2023