If your organisation is involved in child-related sectors of society, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, you need to ensure that as an employer, you comply with the Working with Children Check (WWCC) requirements. These requirements are to ensure that the safety of children is not put at risk.

Child-related sectors include:

  • child development
  • child protection services
  • children's health services
  • clubs or other bodies providing services for children
  • disability services
  • early education and child care
  • education
  • entertainment for children
  • justice centres
  • religious services
  • residential services
  • transport services for children
  • youth workers
  • school cleaners.

As an employer you must:

  • register your organisation online with the Office of the Children's Guardian (OCG), regardless of whether you were previously registered
  • identify which roles in your organisation need a Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  • verify all workers have a valid WWCC, including new paid workers before you hire them, and existing workers and volunteers (new and current) before the end of your industry sector's phase-in period
  • keep records of each worker's date of birth, WWCC number, verification details and employment status (paid or volunteer)
  • ensure no worker with a 'barred', 'interim barred', or 'not found' WWCC status is involved in child-related work
  • check with the OCG to see if your organisation is required to be a reporting body.
Last updated: 15 November 2023