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Ambulance services are provided free of charge to people who meet the required criteria.

If you've received an invoice from the NSW Ambulance Service, and you're eligible to have the fee waived, you can claim an exemption online.


  • children or young people in the care of the state
  • victims of sexual assault, domestic violence or child abuse
  • patients being taken involuntarily to a declared mental health facility
  • holders of a:
    • Health Care Card
    • Pensioner Concession Card
    • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card
    • Repatriation Health Card (White or Gold).

What you need

  • your payment reference number
  • the issue date
  • your concession card, or other evidence of your eligibility.

How to claim

  1. Check you meet the eligibility requirements.
  2. Select the 'Claim online' button.
  3. Enter your payment reference number and the issue date.
  4. Check the 'I'm not a robot' box.
  5. Select 'Next'.
  6. Follow the prompts and provide the details of your eligibility for exemption.

More information

You can apply for a fee review if you:

  • believe you're entitled to exemption but have been charged for ambulance services
  • believe your fee has been inaccurately calculated
  • arranged the ambulance service to help another person
  • are financial liable for a patient who has since died after receiving the service
  • are finding it difficult to pay the fee
  • have some other grounds under the NSW Ambulance Patient Payment (Fee) Review Operating Procedure – PDF.
  • in cases of hardship, the review may result in one of the following:
    • the fee being waived in full or in part
    • an instalment plan
    • an extension of payment plan
    • some other payment arrangement being put in place.
Last updated: 7 February 2023
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