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The NSW Government is reducing the cost of living for frequent toll users with the introduction of Toll Relief.

Toll Relief provides free vehicle registration for frequent toll users who spend on average $25 per week or more in tolls, or $1300 over the year. Toll Relief provides savings of up to $729 (if you have a four wheel drive) or $129 (if you have a motorcycle).

The program started on 1 July 2018 and if you meet the eligibility requirements, you'll be entitled to one free 12 month registration for your car, ute, 4WD or motorcycle, for registrations due between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019.

To ensure you receive your free rego, visit your toll provider online and check your contact details are up to date. Add all your vehicle licence plates to your toll provider account and remove the licence plates of vehicles you no longer own. 

When you get your registration renewal in the mail and start the renewal process, if you're eligible, you'll receive your free registration during the process.

Renew your rego

You must be a NSW resident and have:

  • a NSW personal toll account (Linkt, E-way or E-Toll.)
  • your licence plate linked to your toll account
    • ensure your licence plate number/s and your contact details are kept up to date with your toll provider.
  • spent $1300 or more on NSW toll roads in a financial year (1 July to 30 June – on average, $25 or more per week) while driving a NSW privately registered light vehicle.

NOTE: You must accumulate the $1300 or more on one tag or tagless account. If you have multiple tags on your account, then the tag with the highest spend will count towards Toll Relief.

The Toll Relief scheme does not include tolls paid:

  • on vehicles registered for any use other than private
  • on the M5 by drivers opted into the M5 Cashback Scheme
  • on heavy vehicles.

From 8 February 2019, Roam will become Linkt.

Renew your rego
  • your registration renewal notice
  • a pink slip if your vehicle is more than 5 years old
  • your 12 month CTP Green Slip insurance
  • your licence plate number added to your toll provider account.
Renew your rego
  • Tolls paid on the following roads count towards your Toll Relief spend:
    • M5 (unless you claim M5 tolls for the M5 Cashback)
    • Westlink M7
    • Hills M2
    • WestConnex
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge
    • Sydney Harbour Tunnel
    • Lane Cove Tunnel
    • Eastern Distributor
    • Cross City Tunnel
    • Military Road E-Ramp (Falcon Street off-ramp of the Warringah Freeway).
  • If your tag doesn’t record your trip, your toll will count towards Toll Relief if your vehicle licence plate is linked to your account and can be photo matched through video capture.
  • You can use the Sydney Motorways toll calculator to find out how much NSW toll roads cost.
  • Tolls for NorthConnex and other future toll roads will be included when the roads open.
  • If you spend $1300 or more in tolls on one tag over a financial year then you may be eligible for free vehicle registration.
  • Toll Relief spend doesn’t include:
    • any transactions from Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL)
    • special passes (for example, the ERider and eMU passes)
    • licence plate recognition charges
    • toll account administration charges
    • toll notice charges
    • M5 toll spend where the customer account is opted into the M5 Cashback Scheme
    • any other charge or fee.
Renew your rego
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