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The NSW Government has announced that from Wednesday 24 February, travellers entering NSW from Victoria are no longer required to complete an entry declaration form.

There are still place of high concern however and those restrictions and guidelines still apply.

Travellers intending to enter NSW from Victoria, either by air or rail, will need to complete a NSW entry declaration form. A declaration form must be completed each time you enter NSW, but not more than one per calendar day.


There are still locations in Victoria listed as places of high concern.

If you've been in a place of high concern in the preceding 14 days, you will not be able to enter NSW unless you are:

  • a returning resident
  • immediately transiting through NSW by the most direct practicable route.

As a returning resident who has been in a place of high concern, you are considered a close contact of a person diagnosed with COVID-19, and must comply with the COVID-19 self-isolation guideline.