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Opal is the electronic ticketing system used on public transport in NSW. This includes train, ferry, bus and light rail travel.

You can order an adult Opal card or a child/youth Opal card online, or pick one up at a service centre. Visit Opal card retailers and enter Service NSW in the search box.


For an adult Opal card:

  • anyone over 16 who would normally pay full fare.

For a child/youth Opal card:

  • children aged 4 to 15 years inclusive
  • full-time NSW/ACT school students aged 16 years and older who have a senior secondary student card issued by their school.

What you need

  • your personal details
  • payment for your top up amount.

How to get a card

  1. Select the 'Order online' button. 
  2. Select 'Adult' or 'Child/Youth'.
  3. Select 'Continue ordering an Opal card'.
  4. Complete the registration details.
  5. Decide on your top-up amount and type.
  6. Make your payment.
  7. Select 'Submit'.
  8. Once you've ordered your card, it'll take about 5 to 7 working days to be delivered.

More information

If you're aged 16 years or over and are travelling with your child/youth Opal card, you must also carry your valid NSW senior secondary student concession card. If you don't, you may be fined. 

Last updated: 12 April 2023
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