NSW food businesses have a responsibility to make sure the food they produce, process, store, distribute and sell is safe and correctly labelled.

If you operate a retail food business that sells food to the public, you should check the requirements for your sector. Retail food businesses include: 

  • cafes, restaurants and retail outlets
  • caterers
  • charities, groups and volunteers
  • children's services
  • home based and mixed businesses
  • importers
  • markets and temporary events
  • mobile food vendors
  • school canteens
  • seafood retailers
  • water carting. 

If you operate a business in the food industry, such as production, processing or transport, you should check the requirements for your sector. Industry sectors include: 

  • dairy
  • eggs
  • exporters
  • manufacturers and wholesalers
  • meat
  • plant products
  • seafood 
  • shellfish
  • vulnerable persons. 

Visit the NSW Food Authority website to get started.

Last updated: 7 December 2023