If you've been issued with a trade promotion gaming authority, you'll need to provide Fair Trading a copy of the rules of the gaming activity at least 10 working days before it takes place.

Rules will generally include:

  • the conditions of entry, including the age limit for participants (if any)  
  • details of prizes 
  • any costs associated with claiming a prize 
  • any limit to the number of prizes a participant may win  
  • the person conducting the gaming activity and any benefiting organisation(s) 
  • how disputes concerning the activity or the prizes can be resolved 
  • any prohibitions on who may participate 
  • the manner of determining, notifying and announcing the prize winners, and the dates and times when this will happen (if applicable)  
  • the time period for claiming a prize and the circumstances when a prize winner may be redrawn (if applicable)  
  •  information being published if there is no prize winner or the prize winner cannot be found (if applicable).

Note: Gaming activities cannot commence under the authority until you've provided your notification.


Operators who hold a valid authority to conduct a trade promotion where the total value of prize money exceeds $10,000.

What you need

  • your 6-digit trade promotion authority number
  • access to the email or mobile number of the licensee or contact person who lodged the original trade promotion authority application
  • a clear description of the competition you’re organising.

How to notify

  1. Select the 'Notify online' button.
  2. Read the information provided.
  3. Check reCAPTCHA and select 'Start Application'.
  4. Complete the online form.
  5. Submit your notification.

More information

  • If there are any changes to your rules, you must notify Fair Trading via as soon as reasonably practicable after the change occurs. Changes could include:
    • a change to the prizes or the value of the prizes 
    • a change in the date on which prize winners are to be determined or the method for determining prize winners  
    • a change in the details of the authority holder.
Last updated: 2 February 2024

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