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It's compulsory to notify the residents of multiple occupancy residential complexes, when common areas are going to be treated with pesticides. At least 5 working days' notice must be given by the person or company organising the treatment, and you as the pest management technician, must give notice while the application is under way.

Multiple occupancy residential complexes are units, flats, townhouses, villas, and long-stay caravan parks with 3 or more residences. Common areas of these complexes include:

  • pathways
  • gardens
  • lawns
  • foyers
  • hallways
  • share laundries
  • car parks
  • roof cavities, and
  • sub-floor areas.

What you need

  • your contact details or the contact details of your office
  • the full name of the pesticide
  • the reason why the pesticide is being used
  • the date, dates or date range of use
  • where the pesticide will be used
  • any re-entry requirements that are on the pesticide label or permit
  • safety data sheets (SDSs) of the pesticides you're using in case they're requested by any residents.

How to notify

  1. Ensure you've received confirmation in writing (email, fax, or letter) from the person organising the treatment, that the residents have been given the required 5 days' notice.
  2. Check the Pest management technicians' fact sheet – PDF for an example notice.
  3. Draw up your notice and place it at all the entry and exit points of the areas being treated, and on the complex's main notice board.

More information

  • If you're undertaking a baiting program, you only need to give notice the first time you bait the stations. You don't need to do so on subsequent visits. However, you do need to give the person responsible for arranging the treatment, information about the duration and location of baits, so they can include that information when they notify the residents.
  • Penalties apply if you're unable to show evidence that you provided the required notification.
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