If you want to order a new Australian Organ Donor Register card as a symbol of your decision to donate your organs and tissue after death, you can do so online.

You do not need to carry your physical card in order to donate your organs and tissue.

You may need to order a new card if:

  • it has been damaged, lost or stolen
  • you’ve changed your name
  • you never received your physical card.


To order a new card, you must already be registered on the Australian Organ Donor Register.

What you need

  • a myGov account linked to Medicare
  • your personal details. 

How to order

  1. Select the ‘Order online’ button. 
  2. Log in to your myGov account. 
  3. Select Medicare from your ‘Linked services’. 
  4. Select ‘View preferences’.
  5. Choose ‘Order a new organ donor card’ and then follow the prompts.

You should receive a confirmation letter and an organ donor card in the mail within four weeks.

More information

If you have the Express Plus Medicare mobile app you can:

  • access a digital copy of the organ donor card
  • order a new organ donor card
  • change or remove your decision to donate your organs and tissue.
Last updated: 28 December 2023

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