If you run a retail food business, your local council will inspect your premises regularly to check compliance with food safety requirements and standards. 

If your council has opted in to the 'Scores on Doors' food hygiene scoring program, you may be awarded a certificate which can be displayed on your premises and used in marketing materials. 

To prepare for your inspection:

  • make sure your premises has an up-to-date notification record at your local council
  • make sure each of your premises has a food safety supervisor with a current certificate
  • check you’ve met the legal requirements from your last hygiene and food safety inspection report
  • continue making regular, routine checks to ensure hygiene standards are maintained and staff are following the rules
  • check that staff can answer questions on food safety related to the food handling work they do
  • arrange for any repairs and conduct regular maintenance of the premises and equipment
  • be able to show how you are actively monitoring and managing key food safety risks related to food temperature control, food processing, and cleaning and sanitising
  • take a look through the Food Premises Assessment Report – PDF.

Visit the NSW Food Authority website to find out about how to prepare for food inspections.

Last updated: 16 February 2024