There are 3 steps to registering a new co-operative:

  1. Get approval of the name, draft rules and disclosure statement.
  2. Hold a formation meeting to formally adopt the rules and present the disclosure statement (if applicable) to prospective members.
  3. Within 2 months of the formation meeting, submit an application to register the co-operative.

You can lodge the completed forms and supporting documents by email, mail, or in person at a service centre.

For detailed information on the documentation you need to complete this transaction visit About co-operatives on the NSW Fair Trading website.


To be eligible for registration, a proposed co-operative must have:

  • two-thirds of prospective members vote to adopt the rules at the formation meeting
  • a membership of
    • 2 or more co-operatives (if a co-operative group), or
    • 5 or more active members (in the case of any other co-operative).

What you need

Step 1: Approval of name, rules and formation disclosure statement

You'll need the:

Step 2: At the formation meeting

You'll need:

  • at least 5 prospective members in attendance, and
  • for signing:

Step 3: Registering the co-operative

You'll need:

  • the completed 'Application to Register a Co-operative' form
  • registered office and postal addresses of the co-operative
  • estimated financial details including share numbers and value, revenue, gross assets, and number of employees
  • details of co-operative board members elected at the formation meeting
  • 2 signed and certified copies of the rules
  • 1 copy of signed and certified formation disclosure statement (if applicable).

How to register

  1. Gather your supporting documents and the completed 'Application to approve co-operative name, rules and formation disclosure statement'.
  2. Submit the documents and completed form either:
    • in person at a service centre, or
    • by email or post (you'll find address details on the form).
  3. When approval from the Registrar has been received:
    • prepare the documents
    • hold the formation meeting to approve the rules
    • elect the directors, and
    • authorise the application for registration of the co-operative.
  4. Submit the signed 'Application to Register a Co-operative' form, rules and disclosure statement (if applicable), and application fee to Registry Services.

More information

  • All members of a co-operative have equal status and voting rights.
Last updated: 28 November 2023

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