The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the Active Kids program.

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher for each school-enrolled child in their care aged 4.5 to 18 years.

The voucher is valued at $50 and:

  • can be put towards the cost of sport and active recreation with registered Active Kids providers
  • must be redeemed before the expiry date on the voucher.

To register as an Active Kids provider and begin accepting Active Kids vouchers, first check if you're eligible. If you are eligible, register now.


Eligible activities are those that are:

  • a minimum 8 weeks if delivered during the school term
  • a minimum 5 sessions or a minimum of 4 hours, if delivered during school holidays, and
  • as part of a structured program involving regular moderate to intense levels of physical activity.

This includes:

  • sporting clubs/associations affiliated with a recognised State Sporting Organisation located in NSW, or
  • for-profit or not-for-profit activity providers located in NSW.

Costs eligible to be reimbursed to providers include:

  • registration fees
  • membership fees
  • participation fees.

Ineligible activities that cannot register in the program include:

  • gym membership that isn’t part of a structured program
  • activities or programs that are part of the school curriculum, held during school hours or run by schools (including on weekends)
  • after-school care services and tutors
  • travel to and from competitions
  • individual items that would normally be bought from a retailer (for example, jerseys, socks and boots).

What you need

  • a MyServiceNSW Account
  • personal identity document, such as Australian driver licence
  • your organisation’s business details – Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN) or Incorporation Number
  • a PDF copy of your Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance, as issued by your insurer
  • activity details, including sports or activity type, location and provider website details
  • business bank account details for the account that will take reimbursements.

When you register you'll need to create a business profile.

The business profile you need as an Active Kids provider is attached to your MyServiceNSW account. It is separate from the business profile you may have set up if you have applied for grants or rebates through Service NSW.

You must be authorised to act on behalf of the organisation and be one of the following:

  • associate (partner, director, sole trader, public officer etc) as listed on the Australian Business Register (ABR).
  • officeholder (director, secretary) as registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.
  • public officer listed on the NSW Incorporated Associations Register maintained by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.
  • an elected member (as described in the entity’s constitution) of a NSW Incorporated Association, for example president, vice president, chairperson, secretary, treasurer or board member.
  • other person with authority of any of the above to carry out functions on behalf of a business/entity.

Providers must hold appropriate skills, experience, or qualifications for low risk activities and appropriate accreditation for high risk activities, specifically swimming and fitness activities. Providers also need to hold Working with Children Check clearances for staff or volunteers, as required.

How to register

  1. Select the 'Register now' button.
  2. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account.
  3. Follow the prompts to create a business profile. To do this, enter the details from your personal identity document and business details (ABN, ACN or Incorporation number).
  4. Complete the Active Kids provider application by providing public liability insurance details and uploading a PDF of your Certificate of Currency, activity details, and business account details.
  5. Submit your application for approval. You will be notified of the result within 28 days.

If you'd like to follow a step-by-step guide, view the video.

Active Kids How To – Provider

Speaker: Here’s how to register as an Active Kids provider.

Description: Icons representing football, swimming, tennis and such, appear on the screen.

Speaker: Step 1. Visit and search for Active Kids in the search bar.

Description: Screen shows Service NSW website home page with 'Active kids' being typed into the search bar.

Speaker: Step 2. Click on ‘Register as a provider’ and then 'Register now'.

Description: Screen selects 'Register as an Active Kids provider' in list of transactions, moves to Register as an Active Kids provider landing page, and scrolls down and clicks 'Register now' button.

Speaker: Step 3. Enter your email and password for your MyServiceNSW account. 

Description: Screen shows MyServiceNSW Account Log in page, and email and password being entered.

Speaker: Don’t have an account? Select ‘Create an account instead'.

Description: Screen selects 'Create an account instead' and moves to 'Create an account' page.

Speaker: Step 4. You will need to create a MyServiceNSW Business account to register as a provider. This is separate to your personal MyServiceNSW account which you may use for things such as your licence and vehicle registrations.

Description: Screen shows business icon next to MyServiceNSW Business Account title and person icon next to MyServiceNSW title.

Speaker: To create a business account, you first need to verify your identity.

Description: Screen moves to 'Create a Service NSW business profile' page and scrolls down to 'Verify identity document' section.

Speaker: Select the identity document you wish to use and enter the details. Check that the details are correct and match your identity document.

Description: Screen displays 'Australian passport' from 'Document type' dropdown menu and fills in the details including name, document number, gender.

Speaker: Step 5. Choose how you would like to verify your business profile. You can choose your Australian business number, Australian company number or your incorporation number.

Description: Screen moves to 'Business details' section of 'Create a Service NSW business profile' page and displays the identity document options – Australian business number, Australian company number, incorporation number from the dropdown menu.

Speaker: Enter your business details – number, association name, address and date.

Description: Screen shows number, association name, address and date being typed in.

Speaker: Next, enter your personal details if you’re authorised to act on behalf of this organisation, and confirm and consent your understanding to the requirements and terms and conditions.

Description: Screen shows name and mobile number being entered and the following checkboxes being ticked:

  • declaration that the person is authorised to act on behalf of the business/legal entity
  • confirmation that the person is authorised to act on behalf of the business/legal entity
  • understanding that it's a crime to provide false or misleading information to a public authority
  • agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

Speaker: A security code will be sent to the mobile number you’ve entered to activate the business profile.

Description: Screen moves to 'Activate your business profile' section and a mobile phone icon appears and displays a faux number. A number is entered into the 'Security code' box and the 'Create profile' button is clicked.

Speaker: You now have a My Service NSW Business account and can register to become an Active Kids provider. Step 6. Tick the checkbox if you agree to declare to each of these statements.

Description: Screen moves to 'Declaration details' section of the 'Active KIds Provider Registration' page. Checkboxes are ticked that certify that:

  • the provider organisation will comply with any requirements under the NSW Child Protection Act
  • the information provided is true and correct.

Speaker: Step 7. Enter the business name, contact address and phone number.

Description: Screen moves to the 'Provider details' section of the 'Active Kids Provider Registration' page, and name, address and phone number are typed in.

Speaker: You will now need to enter the details from the Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance as issued by your Insurer. You will need to attach a PDF copy of your Certificate of Currency as proof.

Description: Screen scrolls down to the 'Insurance details' section and the insurer, policy number and expiry date are entered. The 'Attach document' button is clicked.

Speaker: Step 8. Now you need to enter the details of the program or sporting activity that you offer.

Description: Screen moves to the 'Program details' section of the 'Active Kids Provider Registration' page. AFL is selected from the Sport/activity dropdown menu and the location and website of the club/provider (if applicable) details are entered.

Speaker: Step 9. Enter the payment details that you would like to use for payment of the vouchers. Take extra care to ensure the BSB and account number is correct.

Description: Screen moves to the 'Payment details' section of the 'Active Kids Provider Registration' page. Account name, BSB and account number are entered. 
Speaker: Final step. Review all of the details you have entered and ensure they are correct.

Description: Screen scrolls down through the completed sections:

  • Provider details
  • Certificate of currency
  • Program details
  • Bank details.

Speaker: Select the checkboxes to agree to the conditions and then click submit.

Description: 2 checkboxes are ticked:

  • agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • understand that the provider details will be checked against relevant government agencies.

The Submit button is clicked.

Speaker: What happens next? The Office of Sport will now review your application. They may contact you for additional information to support this application, and you will be notified within 28 days of the outcome. After being approved, you will be able to start accepting Active Kids vouchers.

Description: Screen shows the Active Kids Provider Registration page with 6/6 steps completed. A notice on the page confirms the application has been sent to the Office of Sport and that it may take 28 days to receive notification of the outcome. There is also confirmation that a transaction receipt has been sent to the applicant.

Speaker: Have any questions? Call 13 77 88.

Description: The phone number 13 77 88 and a telephone icon appear on a white screen and are then replaced with the Service NSW logo followed by the NSW Government logo.

Use an existing business profile to register as an Active Kids provider:

  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Log into your MyService NSW Account.
  3. From the Active/Creative kids providers menu, select your business profile under “Choose a dashboard”.
  4. Click on the Active Kids tile from your business profile dashboard to start the application.
  5. Complete the Active Kids provider application with evidence outlined in What you need.
  6. Submit your application for approval.

More information

  • Vouchers can only be accepted by registered providers.
  • Providers must not increase prices above a reasonable level.
  • Reimbursement to providers should occur within 10 days of a voucher being redeemed, either through the provider’s MyServiceNSW Account or through a recognised registration platform that’s been approved by the Office of Sport.
  • Providers will be reimbursed the actual value of the activity up to the voucher total value and do not automatically receive the full amount for each voucher.
  • No retrospective reimbursement of fees will be paid.
  • Providers can allow for part or deferred payment at registration.
  • Two Active Kids vouchers cannot be used for the same activity in the same term for the same child. (Vouchers must be used for separate activities, or in separate terms).
Last updated: 1 July 2023