Check which vouchers you can accept

You can only accept a voucher if you are participating in the program on the customer's voucher.

Using the app

To use the Service NSW Business Bureau app you must:

Find out how to download the app.

How to redeem a voucher

NSW Government vouchers are issued to customers with a unique QR code. Your customer may present a voucher to you on their smartphone or a printed version, either is valid.

To accept a voucher from a customer you can either:

  • use the Service NSW Business Bureau app as a scanning device (phone or tablet) to scan a QR voucher code (recommended) or
  • manually enter the voucher code that appears above the QR code on the digital or printed voucher. 

Multiple vouchers used for a single payment

If more than one voucher is presented to you towards payment of an eligible activity you can accept the vouchers. The vouchers must be valid and not expired. You must redeem each voucher separately in the app. 

Scanning a voucher

Using the Service NSW Business Bureau app:

  1. select 'redeem voucher'
  2. select the business location
  3. enter the total bill amount
  4. scan your customer’s digital or printed QR code, or manually enter the voucher code
  5. follow the prompts to redeem the voucher.

If you are unable to scan your customer’s voucher, you can manually enter the code. If it still cannot be redeemed, contact Service NSW on 13 77 88.

Voucher rules

The Service NSW Business Bureau app will only accept vouchers that are valid.

Refunds and returns

If your customer does not spend the total value of the voucher, the balance will be forfeited which means:

  • your customer will not receive the unused amount
  • your business will not receive the unused amount.

Your business cannot return or refund a voucher and the Service NSW Business Bureau app cannot reissue a voucher back to a customer once the redemption is complete.

Voucher transfers

NSW Government vouchers:

  • must only be used by the person registered to receive the voucher
  • cannot be transferred to or used by anyone other than the registered recipient.

Active and Creative Kids vouchers can be shared with another person only if the voucher is used for an activity for the child nominated on the voucher. Find out more about sharing vouchers.

For more information see the voucher program terms and conditions.  

Receiving payments

When businesses will be paid

When you register for a program, there is a one-off validation of your account which may take up to 10 business days.

After that, you'll receive payments into your nominated bank account within 5 business days after redeeming the vouchers. 

GST and tax   

Vouchers are included in assessable income and you’ll need to report GST on the total amount of voucher payments you receive. 

Transactions history

The person who registered the business can keep track of voucher payments to your business in their Service NSW Business Profile.

This person will be able to add other email addresses to a group that will receive a weekly list of transactions by email.

To view and download a history of your voucher payments:

  1. log in to the Service NSW Business Bureau app using your MyServiceNSW Account
  2. select 'Program management' and select the program
  3. select ‘Program transactions’ to view transaction history or 'Share weekly report' to email a copy of the transaction history.

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Last updated: 28 February 2024