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Babies are said to be stillborn if they show no signs of life after birth and:

  • they are of 20 weeks gestation or more, or
  • if the gestation period cannot be established, weigh at least 400 grams.

Stillbirths are legally required to be registered as births, and will contain a notation of the stillbirth. The hospital does not register the birth for you.

The parent(s) of the baby can register the birth online, and once the registration is submitted they can purchase a birth certificate if they wish.

As a stillbirth is not registered as a death, the Registry cannot issue a death certificate.

Note: If a baby dies shortly after birth, the birth still needs to be registered, but a death certificate can also be issued. The funeral director will submit the necessary paperwork relating to the death and can make an application for a death certificate on behalf of the parents.

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