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If you receive a toll notice for travel on a toll road and you were not the operator of the vehicle, you can nominate another person by lodging a statutory declaration. A separate statutory declaration is required for each toll notice.

Visit the Transport for NSW website to learn more about toll notices.

What you need

  • the appropriate PDF form:
    • Tolling Notice Statutory Declaration (Individuals), or
    • Tolling Notice Statutory Declaration (Companies).
  • your toll notice number
  • your vehicle registration number
  • the driver licence number of the person driving when the toll was incurred.

How to lodge

  1. Download and complete the appropriate statutory declaration form:
  2. Mail to:
    Toll Compliance Management
    Locked Bag 5004
    Parramatta NSW 2124

Note: Completed statutory declaration forms should be mailed at least 7 days before the due date on the toll notice

More information

  • Don't include payment with the statutory declaration as a new toll notice will be issued to the person you have nominated.
  • If the person you nominate on the statutory declaration doesn't pay the toll notice, a penalty notice may be issued.
  • Statutory declaration forms cannot be accepted for trips that are more than 60 days old.
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