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The NSW Relationships Register provides legal recognition for de facto partners.

If you've submitted an application to revoke your registered relationship within the last 90 days and you wish to withdraw it, you can lodge your request by mail or in person at a service centre.


  • One or both parties named on the original application to revoke the registered relationship, are able to complete this form.

What you need

  • your personal and contact details
  • the PDF Form – 'Notice to Withdraw an Application to Revoke a Registered Relationship'.

How to withdraw

  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Download, print and complete the Notice to Withdraw an Application to Revoke a Registered Relationship – PDF.
  3. Submit your application either in person at a service centre, or by mail to the details on the form.

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.