How we can help

Get free one-on-one coaching and advice delivered by Aboriginal peoples, who can assist with the cultural needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners.

Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative (ABAI) advisors bring their own lived experience, knowledge of small business operations and strong community connections to the coaching sessions.

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Where are you in your business journey?

An ABAI advisor can work with you at every stage of your business journey.

Starting up

We'll support you with:

  • considering your business idea
  • conducting market research
  • developing a business plan
  • considering your business structure
  • looking at your finance options and cash flow
  • connecting to other support.


We'll help you:

  • do a business health check
  • improve your digital presence
  • develop marketing and pricing strategies
  • adapt to challenges
  • build skills and confidence
  • connect to relevant training
  • with ongoing mentoring.



We can assist you to:

  • develop a growth plan
  • identify procurement opportunities and build your capability to bid and win new contracts
  • innovate and keep up with the latest digital tools.

Customer spotlight 

When a business owner in Tamworth was thinking about expanding her business, she met with an Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative advisor for help with start-up advice, business planning, strategy, and procurement. Watch this one-minute video to learn about the results.

Lyniece Keogh has been our ABAI business advisor since November, 2022, and it was around this time that we were considering expanding the business and exploring the possibility of having a physical studio premises in town in Tamworth. 

Lyniece has been absolutely invaluable on our business journey, helping us with startup advice, business planning, strategy, and procurement, and helping us to clearly articulate our vision and our purpose.

We successfully launched the Indigico Creative Studio in Tamworth, new South Wales in April, 2023.

We are so excited to have created a space that is a showcase of First Nations culture, art, and products from across the Gomeroi region and around the state.

Last updated: 7 December 2023