Visit our COVID-19 page for information and advice on the assistance available for NSW residents and businesses

International travellers

If you're returning to NSW from overseas, you'll be required to spend 14 days in government-arranged hotel quarantine accommodation, at your own cost.

All hotel quarantine for returned travellers is pre-arranged and where you stay is determined on the day of your arrival. You cannot choose your own hotel.

For more detailed information please visit

Victorian border permits and restrictions

Cross-border travel is severely restricted and requires a permit.

For permit eligibility and exemption criteria visit Apply for a COVID-19 NSW border entry permit.

You may be eligible to register for a COVID-19 NSW border entry permit for your workers, if you're:

  • the head of an organisation employing highly-specialised critical service workers in a non-border region (not in the border region), or
  • the client of a self-employed highly-specialised critical service worker in a non-border region, and receiving their service.