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Almost three-quarters of a million motorists will qualify for toll relief under the Minns Labor Government’s $60 toll cap, confirmed to begin on January 1.

Focused on easing the cost-of-living crisis for families, NSW Budget 2023-24 allocates $561 million over two years to the toll cap.

An election promise delivered, the toll cap will benefit an estimated 720,000 toll account owners, with motorists able to claim back spend above $60 a week via a quarterly refund from Service NSW.

A motorist in Silverwater will receive an average $475 back in 2024, while in Glendenning toll account owners will be able to claim an average of $540 cash back, $440 in Blacktown, $504 in Rosehill, $446 in Quakers Hill, $286 in Holsworthy and $199 in Gosford, according to Transport for NSW forecasts.

Kellyville and its surrounding suburbs are where most drivers by number will benefit, with 13,240 toll accounts to claim an average $399 a year each – or almost $5.3 million across the postcode in 2024.

The toll cap is expected to be accessed by 14 times as many motorists as was anticipated when announced by Labor prior to the election. At that time, an estimated 51,000 motorists were forecast to benefit under a $151 million plan.

The toll cap design will deliver most relief to suburbs in Sydney’s west that have been hit hardest by the former government’s policies that made Sydney the most tolled city in the world.

The NSW Government will also proceed with toll rebates for heavy vehicles using the M5 East and M8 tunnels, with implementation on track for January 1.

Trucks will receive a rebate for a third of their trip travelled on the M5 East and M8, costing $54 million over the two-year trial.

The NSW Government is currently undertaking an independent review of toll roads, led by Professor Allan Fels AO and Dr David Cousins AM who will report back with recommendations to make the system safer, fairer and more efficient. 

Minister for Roads John Graham said:

“More motorists are going to access the $60 toll cap scheme than originally anticipated and I am very pleased to say more than 700,000 motorway users are now going to benefit. 

“Motorists, particularly in western Sydney where access to public transport alternatives have been more limited than in other parts of the city, have been crying out for relief from the ever-rising burden of tolls on the family budget.  

“We know people are doing it tough and ‘toll mania’ is one of the most unpopular legacies of the former government. 

“The Minns Labor Government’s $60 toll cap is part of ending an era in which government placed more emphasis on growing toll revenue than on helping people get around Sydney without breaking the bank.”