Travelling on Sydney toll roads

You'll need to pay a fee to travel on a toll road in Sydney. 

Toll roads in NSW are cashless and managed by two providers (E-Toll and Linkt). 

Toll fees may be fixed or can vary depending on the time of day you travel, how far you travel and the class of vehicle you're driving.

Before you travel, use the Sydney Motorways toll calculator to check toll fees and toll roads. 

You can set up an electronic tag account or purchase a casual pass to pay toll fees. Doing this can you save time and money and avoid the extra fees involved when a toll notice is issued.  

If you travel on a toll road without a tag or pass:  

  • a toll notice will be issued for the toll fee plus additional administrative costs 
  • the longer a toll fee remains unpaid, the more money you will owe. 

Find a toll road

Use the Sydney Motorways calculator to help you 

  • find the provider that manages a toll road 
  • check the cost of tolls for a particular road or journey. 

How to pay a toll trip

A toll fee 

  • will be charged to tag or pass attached to a vehicle, or 
  • a toll notice will be mailed to the registered operator of the vehicle. 

The toll notice will include the toll fee plus additional administrative costs. 

To avoid receiving a toll notice and paying additional fees, you can choose to open an account.  

Learn more about how to pay a toll trip or toll notice.

Check for outstanding toll trips

Dispute a toll notice

You can dispute a toll notice, if you believe the toll notice was issued incorrectly. 

Nominate another driver

If you were not driving the vehicle at the time, you can submit a statutory declaration for a toll notice.

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Last updated: 16 October 2022