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Marine parks

There are 6 marine parks in NSW that are declared and managed under the Marine Estate Management Act 2014 by NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Each of the 6 marine parks have an advisory committee that provides a voice for local communities to contribute to the management of the state's marine estate and the local marine park. They engage with local residents and stakeholders, provide a forum for local communities to raise issue and give valuable feedback to the government.

Find a fisheries office

There are fisheries offices across NSW, including inland offices in NSW's north west and south west, and across the coast in metropolitan and regional areas.

Contact details for all local fisheries offices can be found online.

Recreational fishing fees

When fishing in NSW waters, both freshwater and saltwater, you are required by law to pay the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee and carry a receipt showing the payment of the fee. This applies when:

  • spear fishing
  • hand lining
  • hand gathering
  • trapping
  • bait collecting
  • prawn netting
  • in possession of fishing gear in, on or adjacent to waters.

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Last updated: 14 May 2024

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