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The Dealer Online (DOL) system allows motor vehicle dealers to complete registration transactions online, without having to visit a service centre. With DOL, you can: 

  • register new and second-hand vehicles
  • lodge a Notice of Disposal
  • transfer and renew registration
  • exchange number plates. 

DOL is available to all dealers who have a Dealer Vehicle Registration Scheme (DVRS) agreement with Transport for NSW (except dealers whose agreements are under review). To have an agreement, you need to meet the eligibility criteria and make an application through a service centre.


Motor vehicle dealers with a DVRS agreement. 

What you need

  • evidence that you're a member of the DVRS
  • your personal details
  • the PDF forms:
    • Dealer Authorisation – Dealer Online
    • User Authorisation – Dealer Online
    • Add/Change Security Administrator – Dealer Online.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete:
  2. Gather the required documentation.
  3. Visit a service centre and submit your application.
Last updated: 4 June 2020