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If you need road access and your vehicle doesn't comply with standard construction and equipment requirements, you'll have to apply for a conditional vehicle registration. This will allow limited access to the road network to perform specific functions.

You can apply and pay for this registration at a service centre.

Note that conditional registration will not be offered if a complying vehicle can be used instead.


To see if your vehicle is eligible for a Conditional Vehicle Registration, check the Conditional Registration Vehicle Sheets.

What you need

  • your business identification details (if applicable)
  • proof of identity (individual, organisation and/or representative)
  • proof of your entitlement to register the vehicle
  • your concession card details (if applicable)
  • one of the following PDF forms to prove the vehicle is suitable for safe use:
    • 'Historic Vehicle Declaration', or safety check inspection report, if the historic vehicles club is less than two years old 
    • 'Street Rod Declaration' and a safety inspection report
    • 'Declaration of Eligibility for a Registration Concession (Form 1193)' for primary producers' vehicles
    • 'Rally Vehicle Declaration'
    • 'Classic Vehicle Declaration'
    • 'Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration'.
  • the PDF form – 'Application for Conditional Registration'
  • your payment.

How to apply

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

Last updated: 5 June 2020