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As a licensed motor dealer, if you want authorisation to register vehicles, transfer and renew registration and order number plates, you'll need to apply for a dealer agreement under the Dealer Vehicle Registration Scheme (DVRS). You can do this at a service centre.

Note: The Dealer Online (DOL) system allows motor vehicle dealers to complete registration transactions online, without having to visit a service centre. You can submit your application for DOL access at the same time as completing your motor dealer agreement.


You must be one of the following:

  • A dealer in NSW or within 50km of the NSW border, engaged in the sale, distribution and management of new vehicles or second-hand vehicles (or both), and who holds a NSW Dealer Licence or interstate equivalent, or
  • A NSW based manufacturer or retailer of new trailers weighing less than 250kg, or
  • A NSW based entity who is engaged in the distribution or management of new motor vehicles.

What you need

  • the PDF forms:
    • Dealer Vehicle Registration Scheme Application
    • Dealer Services Officer - Authorisation (if applicable).
  • your proof of identity
  • your business or organisation details
  • copy of your dealer licence
  • certificates of currency for public and products liability insurance, and Workers Compensation insurance
  • your manufacturer or dealer franchise agreement (to be sighted)
  • on letterhead, a letter stating the make of trailer/s you manufacture (if applicable)
  • proof of identity as authorised representative (if applicable)
  • a letter of authority stating that you're able to represent the business or organisation (if applicable).

How to apply

  1. Download, complete, print and sign Dealer Vehicle Registration Scheme Application – PDF.
  2. Download, complete, print and sign Dealer Services Officer - Authorisation – PDF (if applicable).
  3. Make sure you have all the required documentation.
  4. Visit a service centre and submit your application.
Last updated: 26 May 2020