If you're eligible for a Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit, you can apply for 2 permit cards if you:

  • have an open-style vehicle registered in your name or joint names, or
  • need a second permit for work (exceptional situations only).

Examples of an open-style vehicle are convertible sports car, motorcycle or motor tricycle.

You can request an additional card when you apply for a permit at a Service NSW Centre.

If you already have an MPS card and you apply for a second card, you'll need to surrender your existing card when you apply for the second card. Your existing permit cannot be a temporary permit.


You may be eligible for an MPS permit if any of the following applies:

  • you cannot walk because of permanent or temporary loss of use of one or both legs, or other permanent medical or physical condition
  • your physical condition is detrimentally affected as a result of walking 100 metres
  • you need to use crutches, a walking frame, callipers, scooter, wheelchair or other similar mobility aid
  • you are permanently blind.

Note: Applicants who have an intellectual, psychiatric or cognitive impairment must meet at least one of the eligibility criteria above in order to be considered eligible.

What you need

  • the PDF form – 'Mobility Parking Scheme Application (Individual or Temporary)'
  • letter of photo exemption (if applicable)
  • your proof of identity
    Note: If using your Medicare card, it must be the plastic card, not the digital version. 
  • one of the following if the open-style vehicle is registered in joint names: 
    • for married couples, a marriage certificate or a certified copy from Births, Deaths and Marriages
    • for de facto couples, a statutory declaration stating your relationship
    • a Relationship Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages.

How to apply

  1. Select the ‘Download PDF form’ button.
  2. Complete the form and take the required documents to a service centre to submit your application.  

More information

Photo exemption

You're automatically exempt if you're under 16. You can request a photo exemption if any of the following applies to you: 

  • facial disfigurement 

  • inadequate muscular control to meet photo requirements 

  • mostly bedridden due to advanced age or terminal illness 

  • severe disability that stops you from attending a service centre 

  • mobility restricted by medical equipment. 

To apply for a photo exemption, send a letter of request along with a completed application form and a supporting letter from your doctor, to: 

DRIVES Assurance 
Transport for NSW 
PO Box 3035 
Parramatta NSW 2124 

If approved, you'll be sent a letter of exemption.

Displaying your permit

When you get an MPS permit, you'll also be issued an Australian Disability Parking permit (large purple card). You must display both permits to get parking concessions.

If your permit holder is lost or damaged, you can get a replacement free of charge at a service centre.

Where you can use your permit

See where you can use a mobility parking permit.

Last updated: 6 March 2024

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